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Latest news from SMA Mineral


“We make waste oil as good as new”

Hello Magnus Öman, MD of Svensk Oljeåtervinning*. You recycle waste oil – tell us more! “Exactly! We collect different types of waste oil. Mainly oil from shipping, car workshops and industries.


The greatest challenge so far

Mälarbanan – a race against the clock. SMA Mineral was commissioned to deliver KC Binder, lime cement, for the construction of the new railway tracks on Mälarbanan – nothing odd about that. The real challenge turned out to be that the job, which would normally take ten weeks, had to be done in ten days. - 400 tons (of KC Binder) had to be delivered every day day, says Jarek Fastlind at SMA Mineral.


Kalkkimaa quarry 100th anniversary was a success

SMA Mineral Oy became better known to the people as a company – we continue to operate for another hundred years. Kalkkimaa celebration and open doors was held on May 19, 2017 in Tornio. SMA Mineral opened its doors to the Kalkkimaa quarry and in addition for the first tome also for the Ristimaa quarry.


Kalkkimaa Mine 100 years

SMA Mineral's mine in Kalkkimaa, Finland has been in operation for 100 years. Welcome to our celebration event Friday May 19th.


Statement from the CEO

Read about our core values, vision and customer promise. Daniel Juvél, President and CEO at SMA Mineral, describes the companys targets for the future.


Recovery and reuse to protect the environment

Oil recovery company Svensk Oljeåtervinning has been part of the SMA Mineral Group since May 2016. The company was started by Cornelis Saers in 2002 is now one of the larger Swedish firms operating in the oil recovery sector.