Recovery and reuse to protect the environment

Oil recovery company Svensk Oljeåtervinning has been part of the SMA Mineral Group since May 2016. The company was started by Cornelis Saers in 2002 is now one of the larger Swedish firms operating in the oil recovery sector.

SMA Mineral has long been a customer of Svensk Oljeåtervinning, and when the company was put up for sale it was a natural step for SMA Mineral to acquire the business. Swedish Oljeåtervinning is based in Västerås and collects waste oil from industries throughout Sweden. The oil is processed and then supplied to customers, including some of SMA Mineral’s own plants.

SMA Mineral’s lime works also use other fuels. One example is gas, which is a residual product from the production process at some of our customers in the steel industry. This is another good example of the environmentally sustainable reuse of energy. In addition, our lime products are widely used in environmental applications such as flue gas scrubbing, water treatment and for adjusting acidity levels in lakes and in agriculture.


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“We make waste oil as good as new”

Hello Magnus Öman, MD of Svensk Oljeåtervinning*. You recycle waste oil – tell us more! “Exactly! We collect different types of waste oil. Mainly oil from shipping, car workshops and industries.


The greatest challenge so far

Mälarbanan – a race against the clock. SMA Mineral was commissioned to deliver KC Binder, lime cement, for the construction of the new railway tracks on Mälarbanan – nothing odd about that. The real challenge turned out to be that the job, which would normally take ten weeks, had to be done in ten days. - 400 tons (of KC Binder) had to be delivered every day day, says Jarek Fastlind at SMA Mineral.