Expect a little more

SMA Mineral originated when the Juvél family, which at the time owned Juvéls Åkeri haulage in Filipstad, Sweden, purchased the Gåsgruvan lime works from Uddeholm in 1980. Today, SMA Mineral, with 23 production units in five countries, is a modern business operating in a traditional industry.
By combining the extraction of limestone with expert processing, SMA Mineral has become a leading supplier of high-quality limestone and calcium carbonate products that are used in a huge range of applications. 
Good products, knowledgeable and enthusiastic employees and reliable supplies are essential for both us and our customers. That’s why our brand promise sets the bar higher: expect a little more.
Where it all started

Where it all started

Gåsgruvan quarry in Persberg outside Filipstad, Sweden, is based in a mining area that dates back to the 14th century. This was SMA Mineral’s first quarry and is also home to its head office and its own laboratory.

Gåsgruvan is one of the company’s largest quarries. The deposit is 1.4 kilometres long, around 150 metres wide and at least 250 metres deep.

The lime works, located right next to the open pit, processes around 200,000 tonnes of limestone a year.
SMA Mineral’s international operations

SMA Mineral’s international operations

Our strategy is clear – we aim to use our expertise and experience to develop and expand the business. The company currently has operations in the Nordic region, the Baltic states and Bulgaria. Our customers are expanding and becoming established in new markets. We’re keen to join them on this journey and continue supplying our products and services. We may also expand our product range through acquisitions or cooperation. Our journey so far has been enjoyable and successful. And the great thing is – it’s only just started.
How we work

How we work

SMA Mineral’s vision is clear: we aim to be the partner of choice for high-quality limestone products and provide added value in everything we do.

It’s important that all SMA Mineral staff follow our four core values of expertise, reliability, flexibility and innovation.

Listening to our customers is key to becoming even better. The latest customer satisfaction survey from summer 2015 gave SMA Mineral a high customer satisfaction index score of 89. But most important of all, we also received a number of suggestions that we are working to improve on.

Limestone uses

Limestone, or calcium carbonate, is a natural, but perhaps slightly overlooked, part of our everyday world. The water you use to make your morning coffee may have been purified using limestone. Limestone products are used to manufacture the steel in your coffee machine and t..


Quality control from quarry to delivery..


Latest news from SMA Mineral


Winter liming? Of course!

Liming fields in winter is a big deal. Despite – or perhaps thanks to – the snow and frozen ground, liming has a huge positive impact on pH values and soil structure. According to our sources, it is Finnish farmers who lead the way in terms of winter liming in the Nordic region, while Swedish farmers are the most cautious. Maybe it’s time for a Nordic Championship?


Rescuing lakes – with 3,000 tonnes of lime

As the drifts of winter snow melt, lakes and watercourses risk being affected by acidification, which can put fish, aquatic animals and plants at risk of dying out. The solution? Powdered lime! Here at SMA Mineral we have now supplied 3,000 tonnes of lime to help ensure the right pH balance in Västernorrland’s lakes.