Investment transforms Otterbäcken into a new distribution hub

Three large silos have given the Port of Otterbäcken in Värmland, Sweden, a new skyline. They have also created brand new opportunities for SMA Mineral to quickly and efficiently provide the pulp and paper industry with lime products for its production processes. “A mixing and screening station in southern and central Sweden brings great benefits to our customers in the region,” says David Johansson, Logistics Manager at SMA Mineral.

The new mixing and screening station was officially opened at an event held on 28 November, which was attended by, among others, our partner Vänerhamn and invited customers. The significant obvious change is three large silos that transform Otterbäcken into a distribution hub strategically located at Lake Vänern’s only natural deep-water port.
“Previously we only delivered SMA Cellkalk from Otterbäcken, bringing it in by sea. Now we can also deliver SMA Kraftmesa and SMA Kraftkalk C, which is a mix of SMA Cellkalk and SMA Kraftmesa,” says David Johansson.
The latter two products have until now been delivered from SMA Mineral’s plant in Sandarne outside Söderhamn.
“We now have the ability to deliver all our lime products to the pulp and paper industry from both Sandarne and Otterbäcken,” says David.
Increased delivery reliability
That means a great deal to customers. The old saying that proximity to the customer is key still holds true. Perhaps more than ever.
“Our customers aren’t able to maintain large stores. When it comes to lime products, it’s a question of ‘just in time’. Two distribution hubs makes the process more convenient and flexible, as well as increasing delivery reliability.”
The investment also means a lot to Vänerhamn, which runs the Port of Otterbäcken, which is responsible for refilling the silos.
“Larger goods flows mean more jobs, which is a positive. We have very good cooperation with SMA Mineral,” says Maria Gustafsson, Operations Manager at Vänerhamn.
Another change is that SMA Mineral’s warehouse in the area, which was not previously being fully utilised, will now serve as a back-up warehouse for SMA Cellkalk and SMA Kraftmesa.


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