Kalkkimaa quarry 100th anniversary was a success

SMA Mineral Oy became better known to the people as a company – we continue to operate for another hundred years. Kalkkimaa celebration and open doors was held on May 19, 2017 in Tornio. SMA Mineral opened its doors to the Kalkkimaa quarry and in addition for the first tome also for the Ristimaa quarry.

Minerals and industrial companies in minerals sector will organize many events throughout Europe this year in honor of the European minerals Day. The event was attended by about 800 participants, the local food was particularly pleased and especially the guided bus tours to quarries.

The event was opened by the CEO of SMA Mineral Group Daniel Juvél. The future of Kalkkimaa looked good and the wise investments will continue to help. The new way in which each site has its own TEAM helps management to receive messages despite geographically distance. CEO thanks the operation staff because 100 years old operation probably has done something right.

The history of Kalkkimaa was presented by Karoliina Kemppainen, who wrote the history book of Kalkkimaa – 100 years of mining in Tornio. There is much talk about today’s mines, which why it is good to know what kind of thoughts mining has been in the past centuries and decades, what kind of communities around the mines have been built and how the mines affect their environment. The reader of the book can get through the text the mines’ forward and backwards; after all the Kalkkimaa has survived the war period in addition more recession and more adversity. In the changing world, it has succeed in expanding its operations into new areas, also numerous owner changes have succeeded so well that Kalkkimaa was able to celebrate its centenary history with the help of fresh history book.

Interviews were made during the day by the host Jari Vesa. All stakeholders were heard as old employees, customers and landowners were heard in the event. The SMA Mineral Group CEO also was interviewed by landowners. We explored tin practice of mining and processing minerals, with special emphasis on the small environmental impacts of production, non-chemicals and utilization of side stone. Mining was tested in practice with wagon drill and excavator simulators and mini excavator trying our driving skills. Laboratory and quality control was gained in transferable laboratory.

Good environmental management was considered important in Pekka Suomela’s speech, the executive director at FinnMin. Good example the development of SMA Mineral circular economy based on limestone. Mining is still a key element of Finnish well-being – economy activity that provides employment and livelihood within the entire mineral cluster. The economic situation in industry and construction also gives confidence to the minerals sector. The high quality at all levels gives credibility to the mining industry where access to skilled labor also plays a key role. The company’s responsibility and acceptability are being developed in the Sustainable Mining Network where SMA Mineral Oy is also actively involved.

The productive capacity and environmental protection must be developed at the same time, told Juha Marttila the President of The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners. Facilitating bureaucracy and finding incentive solutions for a more productive and competitive agriculture was hoped for the new EU agricultural policy. Agriculture should focus on quality and bring added value. Animal feed and human food grow from the ground; soil needs to be in good condition. Good cultivation requires a lot. Intelligent agriculture consists of good farming practices and the exploitation of new technology. Making soil fertility analysis is the most important for liming and fertilization. In Finland’s naturally acidic soil, arable crops and nutrients do not remain. Liming increases the usability of phosphorus and does not drain it into the watercourse. Soil improvement is a key factor in efficiency to make profitable crops. Sustainable cultivation and self-sufficiency will give us pure local food in the future as well.



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