Need the right product in the right place at the right time? David’s your man!

As of 22 February, David Johansson is the new Logistics Manager at SMA Mineral. This means that he has overall responsibility for the logistics solutions used by the Group.

“The most exciting thing about my work is solving complex logistics issues together with my colleagues in the most cost-effective way possible. Logistics is a key function within the Group and it will be a pleasure to help drive developments forward,” says David.

David is originally from Koskullskulle, but has lived in Storfors Municipality for 25 years. He has previously worked in the steel industry as a production facilities manager in both Sweden and Norway.

We wish David a warm welcome and good luck in his new position!




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Career opportunities

Our strategy is to continue growing and developing as our customers, suppliers and operating environment develop. To achieve this, we continually need new employees that offer a range of skills and experience. We are right now looking for candidates to the following positions: IT-manager, Sales engineer, Purchasing manager, Quality & Environmental manager (Finland) and responsible for business & administrations systems.