New faces at SMA Mineral

Now spring has become summer, we have welcomed two new colleagues who will work closely with customers and suppliers. Kenny, who is strengthening the sales team, and Anna-Maria, who is our new Head of Development and Sustainability.

Kenny Tapper is a new sales engineer and will be responsible for the customer segments, paper and pulp industry, iron and steel industry as well as mines.

Kenny is a chemical engineer with a degree from Chalmers and he has a solid professional career in sales, marketing and product development, with experience from the paper and pulp industry, and also in water purification. In recent years, he has worked as an entrepreneur and managed a brewery in Hammarö.



Anna-Maria Béregi Amnéus is SMA Minerals’ Head of Development and Sustainability – and she is a clear sign of our growing focus on sustainability and development.

Anna-Maria is originally from Gothenburg and has a degree in chemical engineering from CTH, but started in 2005 as a research and development engineer in explosives at Eurenco AB in Karlskoga. She has run companies based on her own concept in renewable, environmentally-friendly energy production as well as a consultant in technology development, management work, education, etc.

“I am passionate about sustainability and the environment, so we can have a clean and happy world!”


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