“Now it will be easier to find the right product”

SMA Mineral launches product families.

Specialised production requires niche products. Here at SMA Mineral we are now clarifying our wide range by introducing new product families – say hello to the Ferrum family and the Kraft family!

“We sell lime products to customers in many different industries and gradually our customers’ production processes have become more specialised. Of course, that results in greater demand for adaptations and new product variants. We therefore felt that there was a need to structure and clarify our offer with a product portfolio in a new format,” explains Per Bodén, Marketing and Business Development Manager.
What does this mean for me as a customer?
“Product families make it easier for you as a customer to find solutions and products that are relevant to your specific operation.”
“To begin with, we will be launching two product families – Ferrum for customers in iron and steel, and Kraft for customers in paper and cellulose. Both families include products and names that our customers will be more or less familiar with.”
Are there more product families on the way?
“Yes, there are. As we move forward we will be launching more product families covering more uses. In some cases, we will retain existing brands such as Cresco for agriculture and liming of lakes. Of course, we will also be investing in developing the content of each family with new products so that they match our customers’ needs.”




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