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SMA Mineral produces agricultural lime at four units in Falköping, Stigtomta, Rättvik and Filipstad. Annual sales are 30,000–40,000 tonnes, from Hälsingland in the north to Kalmar in the south.

It’s full steam ahead for Jimmie Larsson – or Jim as he is known. This past year he has been selling agricultural lime on behalf of SMA Mineral – a job he really enjoys.
“Although we have as many as 2,500 farming clients, I have a close relationship with most of them. We have something of a family firm spirit here, and that’s something that appeals to me,” says Jim.

SMA Mineral produces agricultural lime at four units in Falköping, Stigtomta, Rättvik and Filipstad. Annual sales are 30,000–40,000 tonnes, from Hälsingland in the north to Kalmar in the south.
“In nine cases out of ten we sell the lime as an ‘all-inclusive’ product. That means we sell it, manufacture it, drive it out into the fields and spread it. We’re involved at every stage; the client only needs one contact point and at the end receives only an invoice,” says Jim.

A sector undergoing change
Developments are taking place in the sector on an ongoing basis, and conditions vary greatly between one kind of farming and another. Some of SMA Mineral’s clients have twenty cows while others have two thousand. The weather poses a constant challenge, and often fast action is needed. The lime is to be spread before sowing, as there are not that many days to play with. Few farmers wants to commit themselves to long-term contracts – collaboration is entirely dependent on personal relations.
“Having an understanding of how the sector works, offering a high degree of flexibility and nurturing relationships are extremely important. The clients show great faith in us when they hand over full responsibility for liming. Anyone can achieve a one-off sale, but the most important thing is that the client is satisfied and will come back,” says Jim. Relations with carriers and spreaders are important too. Most of these are self-employed and have a contract with SMA Mineral.
“This is no eight-to-five job; you need to be flexible and adapt to the season and the weather. Moreover, the climate is changing; the time needed for working soil from an unusable state to adding lime is becoming ever shorter,” says Jim.

Checks at every stage
Different kinds of soil and crop require different kinds of lime products or mixtures. In the case of loam, for instance, ordinary agricultural lime is used for the bottom layer and then mixed with a certain amount of burnt lime. SMA Mineral has essentially the same products as its competitors but offers a broader range with more types of lime and more choice. The right amount of the right sort at the right time is crucial.
“Some use residual waste and sell it at a lower price; they don’t refine the product. Here at SMA Mineral we produce our own agricultural lime and exercise full control from start to finish. Our production staff are fantastic: they work hard, are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and maintain a service level that is world class,” says Jim. One development that is to SMA Mineral’s advantage is the rise in both the number of organic farmers and the level of quality awareness.
Jim rounds off by saying,“It’s good for us just like lime is good for the soil; we offer pure quality products.”




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Career opportunities

Our strategy is to continue growing and developing as our customers, suppliers and operating environment develop. To achieve this, we continually need new employees that offer a range of skills and experience. We are right now looking for candidates to the following positions: IT-manager, Sales engineer, Purchasing manager, Quality & Environmental manager (Finland) and responsible for business & administrations systems.