SMA Mineral enters into a partnership with SaltX Technology to accelerate the transition to production of “green lime”

SMA Mineral wants to be at the forefront of technological innovation that supports a green and circular transformation of the industry.

SMA Mineral (“SMA”) and SaltX Technology Holding AB (publ) (“SaltX” or “the Company”) initiate a strategic collaboration concerning production of green lime based on SaltX’s innovation “Electric Arc Calciner”. Through a directed share issue, SMA acquires 15 percent of the ownership in SaltX.

The Swedish greentech company SaltX has previously communicated its progress in electrification of the lime and cement industry. The company is now entering into a cooperation agreement with SMA, one of the largest lime producers in the Nordic region, to start production of “green lime” (by which is meant carbon dioxide-neutral production of burnt lime and dolomite). As part of the collaboration, SMA subscribes for shares in SaltX corresponding to 15 percent of the ownership through a directed share issue, which adds approximately SEK 73 million to SaltX.

The lime industry is one of Sweden’s largest emitters of carbon dioxide and SaltX and SMA believe that the industry is facing an inevitable transition, where production must become more energy efficient and responsibility must be taken for carbon dioxide emissions. Through this collaboration, significant steps are taken towards a green transition.

SMA wants to be at the forefront of technological innovation that supports a green and circular transformation of the industry, the company’s CEO Svante Fielding says:

“Lime is a fantastic material and an important component for, among other things, the steel, and paper & pulp industry. We believe that together with SaltX’s electrification technology, we can deal with the carbon dioxide emissions and carry out the required conversion. ”

SaltX CEO Carl-Johan Linér says:

“Our respective cutting-edge competencies and the shared vision of contributing to a green transformation of the industry are a perfect match. I am very proud that we can now also welcome SMA as owner of SaltX. This is the beginning of a fantastically exciting joint journey. ”


About SMA Mineral

SMA Mineral is one of the largest lime producers in the Nordic region and supplies burnt lime to, among other things, the steel and paper & pulp industry. More information, visit:

About SaltX Technology

SaltX Technology develops and sells patented energy storage solutions. SaltX works to develop and offer sustainable technology and solutions that benefit customers, the climate and society. SaltX Technology’s share is listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. NCA Sweden AB, + 468-528 00 399,, is SaltX Technology’s certified advisor. For more information, visit:


For more information, please contact Svante Fielding, CEO of SMA Mineral, +46 (0)73 803 46 78




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