SMA Mineral lime for Eon’s major project

“Close, competitive and reliable deliveries“

A unique recycling process is underway in Eon’s new recycling plant in Högbytorp, where waste is taken care of down to its smallest element. And a constant inflow of quicklime is required for the recycling to work.
“It’s a smooth process,“ says a satisfied Mikael Palmgren, project manager for the recycling plant.

Now it is ready, Eon’s recycling plant in Högbytorp. The recycling plant consists of two buildings – a biogas plant and a combined heat and power plant – in which organic waste and residual waste are converted into biogas, manure products, district heating and electricity. The heat and power plant – adjacent to the largest recycling plant in Sweden, Ragna-Sells – is unique in several ways.
“On the one hand, it’s about the proximity to the recycling plant. Waste that cannot be recycled is driven directly to our facility, just 500 metres away. It will be integrated work and efficient logistics”, Mikael Palmgren explains and continues: “And partly it’s about our incinerator, which itself is unique.”

Recycling – another revolution
While other combined power and heating plants have a wet discharge of slag and ash, the combined heat and power plant in Högbytorp has a dry output.
“Thanks to the dry ashes, minerals, salts and metals that would otherwise have ended up in landfill can be taken advantage of. Recycling therefore continues – for another revolution. And when there is no more to extract, then Ragna-Sells takes care of the leftovers and phases them out of the recycling system.

3,000 tonnes of lime
And lime is needed for this whole nifty recycling process to work. One of the process steps is to purify the flue gases and this is done by mixing lime that absorbs sulphur.
“The flue gas treatment requires a constant influx of slaked lime and for our part, this means about 3,000 tonnes a year,“ says Mikael Palmgren and continues:
“Working with local actors, such as SMA Mineral, is important to us.
Proximity, competitiveness and a stable delivery organisation weigh heavily”.

What is important, in cooperation with suppliers, for such large machinery run smoothly?
“That we get the deliveries and the quality we have agreed on, at the right time. And that there is transparency. Sometimes things go wrong and then it is important to be able to
discuss solutions in order to rectify the problem”.




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