SMA Mineral Oy join RINKI

SMA Mineral Oy has joined to this Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd -community.

Rinki and the producer organisations arrange collection and recycling of carton, glass, metal, plastic and wooden packaging on behalf of the member companies so that the requirements of the legislation are met. The purpose of legislation is, among other things, to save natural resources and prevent harm to the environment. Recycling packaging in an efficient manner requires collaboration between a number of parties.




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SMA Mineral and SaltX launch ZEQL – an electrified factory concept for climate-neutral lime production

Since spring 2022, the two companies have been working together to create an electrified concept for industrial-scale climate-neutral lime production. Last summer, SMA Mineral became a shareholder in SaltX Technology by acquiring 15% of the company. Now, the parties are launching a joint factory concept and brand, ZEQL (Zero Emission Quicklime), to raise awareness of the concept and highlight the importance of limestone in modern society. The first factory is expected to be completed by 2025.