SMA Mineral’s lime production in Sandarne will be climate neutral

We've begun producing lime using fossil-free fuel at our production facility in Sandarne, outside of Söderhamn. This is part of SMA Mineral’s new strategic goal of halving its total CO2 emissions by 2030 at the latest.

The investment represents the operation’s first major step toward reducing emissions. It also means our customers in the pulp and paper industry can benefit from an even more sustainable product alternative.

Brilliant example of minimal resource use

Sandarne produces lime without using any virgin limestone at all. Thus it was already only consuming a minimum of resources and had the lowest possible environmental impact. This is because production is based on lime mud, a climate-neutral carbonate residue from the production of pulp. When the lime mud has been slaked again in our rotary kiln, it is redelivered to pulp mills in the form of slaked lime and thus reused in a circular flow in the production of pulp.

And with the switch to fossil-free fuel, we will also achieve fully climate-neutral production. In figures, this means an estimated total emission reduction equivalent to around 20,000 tonnes of CO2.

“The overarching goal is sustainable, profitable long-term development. Sustainability has the highest priority, and the most urgent work concerns carbon dioxide emissions. Our investment in Sandarne is the first major step on the journey we’ve mapped out to halve emissions from our operations,” says Svante Fielding, President of SMA Mineral since 1 September.

Lofty ambitions, new goals – halved CO2emissions

We recently revised the company’s overarching business and sustainability goals. For example, we must reduce total CO2 emissions by at least 50% by 2030 – a challenge that will require many major investments and profound collaborations, especially with our customers.
We’ve mapped out the direction the work must take and we’re looking forward to reporting on further activities along the way to our destination.




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