Stable 10-year-old celebrating

On June 10, our business in Kolbäck celebrated its 10th birthday.

Together with Bröderna Svanströms Åkeri, we have developed a business that today includes five silos. With the help of a mixer, they supply highway constructions in the Stockholm region with SMA KC Binder, a mixture of lime and cement for ground stabilisation. So – a hurray for the 10-year-old and for many more birthdays to come!




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SMA Mineral is Fair Transport certified

Fair Transport is the transport industry’s sustainability certification of road freight transport and is our response to increased expectations from the outside world on our operations.


SMA Mineral wish you a nice summer!

Summer is coming and SMA Mineral staff are looking forward to a couple of weeks in the sun. SMA Mineral will be making deliveries as usual - and the Logistics Department will be available for help with questions and orders. There will also be staff on hand to provide essential customer service. SMA Mineral wish you a nice summer!