Statement from the CEO

Read about our core values, vision and customer promise. Daniel Juvél, President and CEO at SMA Mineral, describes the companys targets for the future.

Our journey started when Juvéls Åkeri in Filipstad, Sweden, was founded in 1932. But it was in 1980 that we took a new path with the acquisition of Gåsgruvan lime works. That was the origin of today’s SMA Mineral, a group comprising over 20 production units and businesses in seven countries.

Having always been an entrepreneurial company, in the late 2000s we started developing the future of SMA Mineral more methodically. In brief, this involved continuing our exciting journey, but with a more accurate compass and a clearer roadmap.

By generating even greater participation and commitment in the Group, our aim is to respond to customer needs and preferences, preferably before customers even think of them.

Since starting this new phase, we have worked hard on developing our core values, our vision and our brand promise.

I know that some people think these are just words, but for us, satisfied customers are essential to SMA Mineral’s continued development.

Our core values are: expertise, reliability, flexibility and innovation. These values should be part of everything we do. And to ensure these values are implemented, we regularly remind one another exactly what these values mean in our day-to-day work.

Our brand promise is perhaps rather bold: expect a little more. We just want customers to be pleasantly surprised in their dealings with us.

And finally our vision: SMA Mineral is the Natural Choice for Value and Development Worldwide

So SMA Mineral’s exciting journey continues. Please let us know if you have any points of view about our business.


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