The transition will create new opportunities

We are currently working flat out to carry through the transition according to schedule.

Jacob Sandberg, SSAB Special Steels: “The first blast furnace in Oxelösund was also the first coke blast furnace in Sweden. Back then, all the other Swedish blast furnaces – and there were many – were fossil-free as they used charcoal. In those days, Sweden was a major power in the steelmaking world. The cost-effectiveness of coke blast furnaces enabled them to take over, and today they almost completely dominate ore-based steelmaking. This has led to a dramatic fall in the cost of steel, making it an extremely important component in the development of society. Today, SSAB’s blast furnaces in Oxelösund, Luleå and Raahe are among the most CO2 efficient in the world.

But now it’s time to switch once again, this time from coke to scrap, and then to fossil-free steel from HYBRIT. The Paris Agreement, the EU, Sweden and SSAB have ambitious carbon dioxide emission reduction goals, and they must be achieved quickly. Everyone agrees that this is a good thing! The transition will create new opportunities for SSAB, for the local community, and for new business.

We have received our environmental permit – an important step along the way – but if we are to start the furnace once it is built, it will also require a new power line. Electricity supplier Vattenfall Eldistribution has submitted an application to the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate for a concession for two 130 kV power lines between Hedenlunda and Oxelösund. A reply to the application is expected in 2022.

All coal gas consumed in SSAB’s area must be replaced by a different fuel by the time the electric arc furnace is started. Natural gas will be the fuel during the first stage, and a transition to biofuels such as biogas or bio-coal is planned for later on. However, because bio products have limited availability, more large-scale production will be necessary.

We are currently working flat out to carry through the transition according to schedule. This not only places great demands on SSAB’s employees, but also on our collaboration with our suppliers.”




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