“We make waste oil as good as new”

Hello Magnus Öman, MD of Svensk Oljeåtervinning*. You recycle waste oil – tell us more! “Exactly! We collect different types of waste oil. Mainly oil from shipping, car workshops and industries.

Once we have collected the oil, we analyse it in our plant in Västerås and ensure that it has the right properties. For example, it must not have too low a flashpoint or contain toxins like PCB. After analysing the oil, we filter out particles and purify the water separated from the oil. Quite simply, we make the oil good as new.”

What happens to the oil after that?
“At SMA Mineral we use the oil in the production of quicklime. The energy makes up a large portion of our operational cost, and using recycled oil helps us keep prices stable. We can also sell recycled lubricating oil to regeneration, i.e. material recycling.”
Are there any other advantages to recycled oil? “Yes, the fact that the oil we receive has already been used somewhere else means that we are helping reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. At SMA Mineral, we are also able to burn recycled oil correctly. In our lime kilns, the flue gas is continuously analysed and filtered to meet the high requirements for waste burning.”
And you are planning to expand your operations? “Yes, we are currently mostly dealing with fossil-based oils, but our Västerås plant can also be expanded to process bio-oils.”


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