What’s going on right now?

Plans and preparatory work, mainly for utilities for the new electric arc furnace steel mill (EAF), are currently in progress.

There is much to consider before this new furnace can be incorporated into a steel mill that has already been in operation for some time. Material handling at the lime slaking plant and SMA Mineral will be affected by the introduction of the electric arc furnace and the gradual closure of blast furnaces and oxygen steel mills. The lime currently delivered to blast furnaces will gradually cease as the furnaces are phased out. While the electric arc furnace will continue to use lump lime, it will also need to blow in pulverised slaked lime and slaked dolomite, to maintain slag foaming during smelting and to produce saturated slag, which protects the furnace liner. It is essential that coal and sulphur are not exceeded.

Among other things, SMA Mineral General Manager Jonas Capelle mentioned that lime haulage to the steel mills must be rerouted during EAF construction.

In time, another type of fuel will be used in the lime kilns. Jonas tells us that SMA Mineral wants to switch to a biofuel to reduce CO2 emissions. Today, the company uses recycled oil from a production facility in Västerås. The facility is a separate SMA Mineral business unit.

In conjunction with the routing of SSAB’s utility lines through SMA Mineral’s area, the lime slaking plant will get its own gas connection from the new LNG supply grid currently under construction. A number of modifications must be made to the lime kiln in connection with the transition to gaseous fuel, but this should not entail any major obstacles. The new LNG infrastructure under construction, at a later stage, biogas/biomethane may be transported through the grid in Oxelösund, e.g. to rolling mill furnaces and for preheating ladles. Hopefully, when the grid comes on stream, SMA Mineral’s lime kiln can also switch to biofuel.

During periods of intense DRI/HBI operation, SSAB’s electric arc furnace will consume especially large amounts of slag formers (slaked lime and slaked dolomite). Sufficient lime kiln capacity and storage for slaked lime and dolomite must be secured to meet these situations.











Jonas Capelle, Site Manager Oxelösund


Photo top: AFRY




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