SaltX and SMA Mineral enter partnership with Celsa Armeringsstål

– plans for climate-neutral lime production in the northern Norwegian town of Mo i Rana.

Celsa Nordic is one of the Nordic region’s largest producers of reinforcing steel. Celsa Nordic has its steel and rolling mill in Mo i Rana, Norway. The reinforcing steel production is based on 100 percent recycled steel scrap. The purpose of the cooperation agreement is to explore the conditions for an electrical and climate-neutral quick-lime production facility in the northern Norwegian town of Mo i Rana. Quick lime is an important element in steel manufacturing.

Celsa Nordic has a strong sustainability profile with the ambition to use hydrogen gas in its production as early as 2025. A joint pilot study is now launched between the parties to investigate the conditions for constructing a new electrified lime plant next to the existing steel mill. Utku Öner, CEO at Celsa Armeringsstål, says:

“For many years, we have had a good relationship with SMA Mineral, which has supplied lime to our process in Mo i Rana. When we had the concept for an electrified and completely climate-neutral lime production presented to us, it became clear that it is the right way forward for the facility in Mo i Rana and has a major impact on reducing our scope 3 emissions.”

SMA Mineral and SaltX’s joint concept for climate-neutral lime production has attracted great interest from several companies in the steel and construction industry. Svante Fielding, CEO at SMA Mineral, says:

“The concept we developed with SaltX is unique, and we have received a positive response from our customers. We are pleased about the trust we have received from Celsa Armeringsstål and look forward to starting the first phase of the collaboration shortly.”

Electrification of the industry is of significant importance to meet global emission targets. During the past year, interest in electrification technology for the sector has increased, which is noticeable in the dialogues SaltX has with the market, Carl-Johan Linér, CEO of SaltX:

“There is a strong driving force, and the willingness to invest in initiatives that replace fossil fuels with renewable energy is growing. With our electrification technology at the core, it is with pride and confidence that we see a new climate-neutral lime industry emerging.”

The partners strive for a long-term collaboration to enable the production of fossil-free steel by 2025.

For more information:

Carl-Johan Linér (CEO SaltX Technology) +46 70 532 08 08

Svante Fielding (CEO SMA Mineral) +46 73 803 46 78

About SaltX Technology:

SaltX Technology is a Swedish Greentech company that develops and markets sustainable technology that benefits customers, the climate, and society. The company operates in large-scale energy storage solutions and electrification technology for mainly the lime and cement industry. SaltX Technology’s share is listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. More information, visit:

About SMA Mineral:

SMA Mineral is one of the largest lime producers in the Nordics and supplies quicklime to the steel and, paper & pulp industries, among others. More information, visit:

About Celsa Nordic:

Celsa Nordic consists of Celsa Armeringsstål, Celsa Steel Service in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Celsa Recycling. Celsa Armeringsstål AS is a leading producer of steel in the Nordic countries. Celsa Armeringsstål consists of a melting and rolling mill located in Mo i Rana. The company has a circular value chain that distinguishes them from competitors. The production is based on 100 percent recycled steel scrap equivalent to two Eiffel Towers per week and uses clean hydropower as an energy source. Celsa Nordic strives for a circular collaboration with its partners, works for a circular sustainable future, and is part of the international group Celsa Group with headquarters in Spain. For more information, visit:




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