Limestone is a carbonate rock of organic origin formed from the skeletal remains of marine organisms. These remains have settled on the seabed and thick layers have formed from these remains after millions of years. When several of these layers of remains occur, the lower layers are compressed and cemented together, creating hard rock. Limestone consists of calcium carbonate, which has the chemical formula CaCO3. Limestone exists in sedimentary and crystalline form.

How it’s produced:

The limestone is quarried, crushed and ground to the appropriate fractions at our various production plants and can then be processed into quicklime or slaked lime.



Applications for limestone include agriculture, garden lime, lake and wetland liming, as well as the production of paper, paint, asphalt, bricks, concrete and metals.


For the agricultural sector, we supply our special Cresco product range, which is used to create a special mix for each dosage based on soil mapping. Our lake liming products are supplied under the Cresco brand.