Our products and processes take the utmost account of the environment, health and safety. SMA Mineral prioritises these areas, which promote sustainability now and in the future.

Environmental sustainability is part of everything we do

Many of SMA Mineral’s products have a positive effect on the environment, in everything from the treatment of flue gases and drinking water to neutralising acidified watercourses, as well as sanitising contaminated soil and improving farm soil quality.

SMA Mineral also focuses on environmental sustainability in its production. All operations are guided by principles aimed at sustainable development and respond to the needs of society. Emissions and other environmental impacts are followed up via special monitoring programmes. Continual improvement measures are supported by a certified quality management system covering the entire Group.

As part of its ongoing efforts, SMA Mineral constantly endeavours to achieve optimum chemical safety and better uses of resources in everything from energy consumption and transportation, to efficiency of materials.

Focus on health and safety

SMA Mineral’s health and safety measures are a natural part of its day-to-day business. Personal protective equipment is always used and safety regulations complied with, both by employees and contractors.

All staff are able to improve their own and others’ work environment by highlighting deficiencies that could pose an injury risk or health hazard. A high level of reporting of near accidents demonstrates a strong awareness throughout the organisation and provides a basis for high-quality production and security of supply for customers.

We are also close to achieving our health and safety target of no occupational accident resulting in more than four hours’ absence. Risk assessments and risk observations by staff are also very important, allowing risks to be addressed before a real accident or near accident occurs.

The company’s systematic health and safety measures also take other forms, including regular training and occupational healthcare.